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World’s Largest Snake, Titanboa, Bigger Than Anaconda

Posted on: February 5, 2009

Remember the giant snake of movie Anacanda which swallows the whole human within a matter of seconds ? Now  imagine a snake many times bigger than that in real life. In fact, the remains of a giant sanke have been found by a team of scientists  in Colombia. The team claim that it was the biggest snake ever found. They have named it Titanoboa cerrejonensis, meaning itanic boa from Cerrejón, which is a coal mine where the remains of the snake were found.

Titanoboa was, reportedly, longer than a bus and weighed around 2,500 pounds. And the giant boa existed around 60 million years ago.


1 Response to "World’s Largest Snake, Titanboa, Bigger Than Anaconda"

I was wondering if the titana boa could still posible be alive, BUT is very very low profile maybe in a jungle (tempretures fit for it) or somewere in underground wells in africa, siberia any were big enough and enough food for it to eat. But my real question here is it not posible of the exsistance of one of these megnificeint beast in our periodic time line? could it not survive on our lands eg africa, america, so and so? are these discoveries going to help with the studies of snakes? and or other large animals. Also appoximitly how long, wide and tall is the snake?
Thank you for you’r time have a nice day
sincearly: Prof.Jammy Normand

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